The Perfect Hangable iPhone Case for Great, Stable Instagram Selfies

The Perfect Hangable iPhone Case for Great, Stable Instagram Selfies

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What’s the use in taking a selfie your iPhone is not steady? The perfect Instagrammable selfie requires a steady aim, and we at CurveMonsters know all too well the difference between an effective, “likes” generating selfie and one that does not. This case can easily stick on wood surface, glass, whiteboard, metal surface, tile, computer monitor, and others so that you can take a perfect, steady selfie in any environment and post it to Instagram or Facebook with great results!

And if you buy today, tag @CurveMonsters or @CurveMonstersGlam in your posts you take using this case to mount your phone, then come back and write a review, and we will place you on our upcoming posts! Can’t beat that. And this case protects your phone from damage, dust and just looks downright lit and slayed. It’s easy to snap on your phone so get it right now.


Color: Black

 Material: TPU and PC

Size: About 16.2 x 8.1 x 1m

Suitable for iPhone 8

Antigravity nanosuction, easily sticks on wood surfaces, glass, whiteboards, metal surfaces, tile, computer monitors, and much more (but be careful with dusty or uneven surfaces).

 Made of premium material, the case can effectively protect your phone.

 Fully covering shell protects your cellphone without impeding your normal use.

 The phone case fits tightly, preventing scratches and damage.

 All kinds of sockets are reserved for easy use, and it do not affect the use of common function keys.

 WARNING: Be careful with dusty or uneven surface, as these are not suited for absorption. This means your phone can fall and be damaged.

- Warning: In dusty or uneven surface, please do not to try adsorption, it will be failed and damage your cell phone.